Dr. Sandra Rogers

Dr. Sandra Chimon-Rogers obtained her Ph.D. in Bioanalytical Nuclear Neurochemistry from the University of Illinois. She has brought her Alzheimer’s disease research to Calumet College of St. Joseph and is utilizing various high-tech bio-analytical techniques and orthomolecular compounds to find a preventative. Her experience and passion include encouraging students to present their research findings at various conferences from around the nation to around the world and currently, even as far as the International Space Station.

As a graduate student and post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Chimon-Rogers has successfully published papers in the top rated scientific peer-reviewed journals, such as Nature and JACS. Her contributions have changed the way the scientific Alzheimer’s disease community thinks. The focus of the scientific community has shifted from the fibrils or plaques to the soluble intermediates as a result of her findings. With this knowledge, she has implemented her learnings and research techniques while maximizing the resources at CCSJ to continue to carry out research with her undergraduate students. Due to the increased activity of her students at CCSJ, her results are in the process of leading to an extremely large number of presentations and publications. These findings are on their way to being collected and compressed into a few manuscripts to be submitted to peer-reviewed scientific journals.

As a faculty member, Dr. Chimon-Rogers is a contributing member to the institution, one who gladly steps up to the plate to help develop and revise curriculum, and provide various opportunities of interest to her students. She also takes that extra step to discusses with her students the various types of careers and/or graduate school opportunities that are available to them based on their area of interest.

Scientific service also entails encouraging female scholars to strengthen their passion in science and scientific careers/graduate school. As an active member of WISE (Women in Science and Engineering), female minority scholars in the sciences are amongst one of the smallest minorities. She strongly encourage ALL her students, sometimes giving the extra push to her female and minority scholars. She continues to strongly encourages all her students to take full advantage of the various grants/scholarships and careers opportunities that present themselves.

Dr. Chimon-Rogers’ idea of mentoring not only includes the above-mentioned aspects, but also entails providing a holistic mentoring for success, helping improve her students’ self-image by having them succeed at challenging tasks, become comfortable with the scientific background and discussing their research and scientific learning in a positive, effective manner. A new and innovative way to teach the science at CCSJ.