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What is A Revolution of Sorts?

— A Revolution of Sorts —

Revolutionaries. Each of us has an inner rebel within us. Somewhere deep inside we desire to change the norm like others who have sparked revolutions and disrupted the status quo. People such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Steve Jobs.

These icons are rebels with a cause, and TEDxCountyLineRoad is looking for those who are making a splash in their respective fields, who don't care about the norm, and are blazing their own trails while inspiring others.

If you are someone who can create "A Revolution of Sorts," or you know someone who is a revolutionary, please apply. At TEDxCountyLineRoad, we are going to change the world!

Heather Augustyn

Why Words Are Worth A Thousand Pictures

Lloyd Reeb

The Most Productive Years of Your Life May Surprise You

Diego Gonzalez

Graffiti: Art or Vandalism? Street Art in Schools & Communities

Andrea Proulx Buinicki

Your Stories Can Transform Nonprofits

Todd Larson

How to Spot When a Revolution is Needed and What to Do About It

What is TED?

TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. Started as a four-day conference in California 25 years ago, TED has grown into a global platform for identifying and spreading world-changing ideas. The annual TED Conference and TEDGlobal Conferences invite the world’s leading thinkers and doers to speak about their Big Ideas for up to 18 minutes. And their talks are then made available for free at and through TED distribution partners.

What is TEDx?

In the spirit of Ideas Worth Spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks videos and live speakers combine to spark deep discussions and connections in a small group.

Independently organized TED events are branded TEDx, with the “x” indicating that the event is independent. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program; however, individual TEDx events are all self-organized—but also subject to certain rules and regulations.

What makes a TED or TEDx event unique from other similar conferences?

Unlike other conferences, TED is a learning experience more akin to interval training on a treadmill or elliptical. You can expect deep-dive sessions featuring interdisciplinary speakers, followed by extended breaks that allow you to take in all the inspiration and insight while connecting with other attendees. This cycle repeats itself throughout the day.

Who organizes TEDxCountyLineRoad?

All TEDx events are organized by volunteers. In Northwest Indiana, the volunteer backbone committee includes a diverse group of professionals, community leaders and stakeholders representing all sectors of our community. The day-of event is organized by a variety of committees that work year-round to plan and execute a great experience. Committees include programming, event experience, marketing, logistics, sponsorship, stage design, a/v and documentation, and volunteers.

Who attends a TEDxCountyLineRoad event?

Participants will be an eclectic mix of people—all different ages, from different walks of life, and from across the Northwest Indiana region and beyond. You’re sure to meet innovative thinkers, doers, and leaders throughout the day.

What do speakers cover?

With Big Ideas related to each year’s themes, speakers cover lots of topics including healthcare, business innovation, design, education, cultural diversity, technology, music, literature, and much more.

What will I take away from a TEDxCountyLineRoad event?

Here’s the real question: what do you want to take away? If you’re not sure, here are some examples: You can take away ideas and inspiration to apply to your personal or professional interests; new connections you can draw on for future endeavors; opportunities and potential partners for continuing to make Indianapolis a world-class city; a quote or thought that makes you see something completely anew; a moment of happiness that results from engaging in a creative activity; or just the satisfaction of being part of an inspired experience with hundreds of other like-minded Hoosiers. The opportunities are practically endless.

How are speakers selected?

TEDxCountyLine works to offer world-class programming with local, national, and international speakers–some are approached by the committee and others, local speakers, submit Big Ideas which are reviewed and selected for participation. The programming committee expends a great deal of effort developing potential speaker lists that fall into a variety of categories, locations, and styles. The ultimate goal is to provide diversity of original, thought-provoking ideas to our community.

Region Changers. Making a Difference.

As young professionals, our goal in organizing TEDxCountyLineRoad expands on our mission to empower and engage others to think outside of their traditional scope. Our drive and purpose for taking on this endeavor stems on our desire to see this region thrive and grow.

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